Pushcart Prize Nominations

We are excited to announce our nominees!

We at Purple Passion Press were thrilled to submit our nominations from our AFTER(life) anthology for consideration for the Pushcart Prize. It was tough for the editors to select from all the amazing works they loved and had eagerly published.  Comments like, “It’s excruciating to select only a handful of pieces.” And, “I love them all, how can I recommend only a few?”

Purple Passion Press anthology

The following poems and fiction stood out the most to us:


The Beating Heart of the Wristwatch by Martín Espada

Every Ghost Story is a Love Story by Vuong Quoc Vu

Lent in the Age of AIDS by Calder Lowe

What We Have Lost by Adrienne Amundsen

Albright Knox Museum Gift Shop by José Antonio Rodríguez


It Touches You Everywhere by Candace Elise Hoes

Congratulations to all our nominees. We were honored to publish their works and we hope you’ll join us in rooting for them.  You can learn more about our (AFTER)life anthology or purchase a copy online or your local bookseller to read their pieces yourself. Click here.