In the Willing Dirt

Announcing our first chapbook, In the Willing Dirt by Jade Bradbury…


Sometimes it takes a good fright to shake us out of our customary zone. Faced with serious illness, the lifelong poet, Jade Bradbury, who’d worked as educator, print journalist, network television story editor, museum curator, writer, and community arts advocate returned to her roots. The poems gathered in this chapbook were written over a recent six-year period during which she consulted with the “home” elements of earth, wind, fire, and water, calling on them to guide her poetic rendering of what genuinely matters, no matter what. What emerges from what she calls the willing dirt is a living testimony on behalf of a life lived passionately in love with the natural world while attempting to make peace with a material world much in need of it.

Edited by Erica Goss

“It gives me great pleasure to introduce this book. Jade Bradbury, friend and fellow poet, has written a work of grace and insight. I witnessed some of these poems come to life, from idea to draft to finished work, and I’m happy to see them assembled in this richly satisfying collection.  Filled with humor and spirit, the poems in this book illuminate the toil and tenderness of a well-lived life. Appreciation for Nature, as well as a good dose of respect for its subtle and powerful systems, weaves a thread throughout the book.” ~ Erica Goss, poet, teacher and freelance writer. Founder and Director of Girls’ Voices Matter.

More praise for In the Willing Dirt:

“The poems in Jade Bradbury’s In the Willing Dirt delve into both the physical world and the realm of the spirit, sometimes both at once, as in ‘The Grammar of Dirt & Probability,’ where we are told to ‘plant something/in the willing dirt,’ which does not have to be food for the body, but can be ‘poems to feed a weary world,’ i.e., food for the soul. The poems in this collection celebrate and examine a life from the ‘swampy breathless/birthing bed’ where the poet was born to the day she is ‘counting with a beating heart/my days against eternity,’ conjuring Emily Dickinson as she contemplates breast cancer. There’s a satisfying fullness in these poems, a deep connection to nature, to other people, to one’s self, and to life itself. It’s a warm and spirited collection and a joy to read.”  ~ Lucille Lang Day, author of Becoming an Ancestor: Poems and coeditor of Fire and Rain: Ecopoetry of California

“When Bradbury invites us into her inner terrain, we can hear the poet’s shaky heartbeat, the storyteller’s insistence beneath the informed choice of image and metaphor. This is a poet who questions everything; who uses her discerning, artistic eye to meticulously record her observations. Some of her poems knock us out of complacency while others seem to hold us in our collective grief, all the while urging us to connect, to salvage, to receive. A finely sculpted group of poems.”  ~ Parthenia M. Hicks, Poet Laureate Emeritus

 Available July 9, 2019, wherever books are sold.  ISBN:  9 781733 126007

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