Introducing Jade Bradbury

Purple Passion Press is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of our first chapbook.  We are honored to publish, In The Willing Dirt, by Jade Bradbury.

The poems gathered for In the Willing Dirt reflect a recent six-year period, during which the poet faced serious health challenges and also explored through the writing of these poems the depth of her passion for life and the natural world.  The poems are not in pursuit of answers to questions about why one thing or another besets us, but rather in search of what matters, what is true, no matter what.

Early praise for the chapbook:

Like the gift stones in this collection’s piece, Stones of Tohono O’odhamJade Bradbury’s poems emit an “illumined glow” that reveals the intricate connections we share with all living things. Whether contemplating crows or lichen, earthquakes or atmospheric rivers, Bradbury’s work, grounded in nature, points to the metaphysical—to the spirit that animates and unites us all. ~~ David Denny, author of Some Divine Commotion (Shanti Arts)
If anyone asks, “Why read present-day poetry?” this book is one good reason. Offering an unflinching companion in loss, a thoughtful consideration of nature, and an erudite mind at work, In the Willing Dirt is a book to ponder, savor, and share with kindred spirits. Her metaphors reach deep into the earth and the psyche.  ~~ Lita Kurth holds an MFA from Pacific Lutheran’s Rainier Writers Workshop and is a co-founder of Flash Fiction Forum, a De Anza College instructor, and an award-winning writer of fiction and nonfiction.
Poet Jade Bradbury

Jade Bradbury, author of “In The Willing Dirt

Jade Bradbury was born in Laurel, Mississippi several decades ago. That accident of time and place may have seeded poetry as a preferred medium and eventually led to publication of early work in the literary and little press journals of the 1960’s and 70’s. Her subsequent careers as high school teacher, television writer/story editor, print journalist, and museum curator paid the rent while active poetic pursuit simmered on the backburner.

She’s been a California resident for 45 years, ten of them in Los Angeles, working in Hollywood, National Press Service and Los Angeles Times; the remainder here in the South Bay area. In 2012 her second term of service on the Los Gatos Arts Commission was interrupted by serious illness, freeing her to return to poetry. Since then she has immersed herself in honing observation and experience into poetic voice. Over the past six years she’s been published in poetry anthologies and journals, presenting at regional festivals/events, and has been among Kalamu Productions’ Light-Worker poets on KKUP radio programs. She’s also an occasional featured reader at Flash Fiction Forum in San Jose.

Her chapbook, In the Willing Dirt, is scheduled for official release by Purple Passion Press in July 2019. Part memoir with a strong emphasis on her passion for life and the health of the planet, the poems in this collection are a paean to the mysteries and resilience of the earth and all of its inhabitants.

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